Land and Water Conservation

Mason Cummings, TWS

Working to preserve public lands and waters

From the dense, evergreen solitude of Maine’s North Woods to the multicolored vistas of the California desert, America’s public lands and waters are thrilling, inspiring and intrinsic to the greatness of our nation.

But like all things worth hanging on to, these shared spaces are a big responsibility—and we could easily lose them. Every day, mining, drilling, logging and development take another bite of the wildest lands we have left. On the fringes, some powerful interests want to help that process along.

To face these threats, we work at the local level and nationwide, advocating for changes that preserve wildlands, important water resources and irreplaceable cultural sites while ensuring development doesn’t overstep its bounds.

Our solutions

We advocate for the protection of public lands and waters, including by working with lawmakers to give these places special status as wilderness or national monuments, fighting against development in sensitive areas and defending important conservation laws already on the books.