Our Mission

Our mission is to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places.

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Since 1935, our mission and passion has been to protect our nation's shared wildlands so that all Americans can enjoy the benefits they provide. To do this, we collaborate closely with local communities to safeguard wild places for future generations. We fight for legal protections for our wildest places and we champion and defend national policies that give protections for public lands, especially for our national forests, parks, refuges and Bureau of Land Management lands. We also ensure that the natural lands that belong to all Americans are taken care of and not given away or exploited for short-term gains by logging, mining and oil and gas extraction.


Inspiring Americans to build a deeper connection with our wildlands

We believe all Americans, regardless of background, should be able to access and benefit from the great outdoors. For that reason, we guide elected officials to create policies and programs that make it easier for everyone, including children, to experience the outdoors. We also work with youth groups and local partners to help more Americans know our wildlands and feel inspired and empowered to protect them.

Stand Up. Fight. Make a Change.

Now is the time to fight for YOUR public lands

We believe all Americans are needed in the fight to preserve our last remaining wild places. We focus our work on educating and inspiring Americans to take action on behalf of our shared public lands. Together, our passion for nature can make a difference.

Our Values

What We Stand For

Trust & Collaboration- As One TWS, we forge trusted, respectful relationships and lasting collaborations. We are humble as individuals, and proud as a team.

Community & Commitment- We are committed to the ideal that wilderness and all public lands can bring people and communities together and that everyone should share equitably in their benefits.

Solutions & Science- True to our history, we are guided by science, learning and adapting to create enduring solutions for future generations.