Our Mission

Uniting people to protect America’s wild places.

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Our Vision


A future where people and wild nature flourish together, meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing planet.

Our Principles


We love, respect and are part of the natural world.
We believe clean air and water and access to nature are basic rights.
We strive for equity and justice in everything we do and seek to reflect the many communities with whom we work.
We take bold action informed by sound science to protect and defend nature for all.
We collaborate across generations to build a healthier, sustainable future.

Our Values


Trust & Collaboration- As One TWS, we forge trusted, respectful relationships and lasting collaborations. We are humble as individuals, and proud as a team.

Community & Commitment- We are committed to the ideal that wilderness and all public lands can bring people and communities together and that everyone should share equitably in their benefits.

Solutions & Science- True to our history, we are guided by science, learning and adapting to create enduring solutions for future generations.

Land Acknowledgment


The Wilderness Society recognizes Native American and Indigenous peoples as the longest serving stewards of the land. We respect their inherent sovereignty and self-determination and honor treaty rights, including reserved rights that exist off their reservation.

We acknowledge the historic and ongoing injustices perpetrated against Indigenous peoples and are committed to being more conscientious and inclusive and working with Indigenous peoples to advance the establishment of trust and respect in our relationships. We seek the guidance of Native American and Indigenous peoples to effectively advocate for the protection of culturally significant lands and the preservation of language and culture. We strive to support actions that respect the priorities, traditional knowledge, interests and concerns of Native American and Indigenous peoples to ensure a more just and equitable future.