Marc Adamus

Ancient forests teeming with life

For many, the name Oregon inspires visions of trees. And for good reason. Old-growth forests drape this state‚Äôs mountainsides. Along the Cascade Range, from the northern border with Washington stretching to California, flows a sea of evergreen punctuated by alpine meadows and shockingly blue lakes.

That's not to say the state is all trees; some million seabirds nest by the pounding surf at the coastal Oregon Islands Wilderness, and the Badlands of central Oregon showcase a rugged landscape created by ancient lava flows.

But some of the biggest threats currently facing Oregon's designated wildlands do concern those beloved forests. Logging, road-building and development could fundamentally damage Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and other areas renowned for their beauty and biodiversity. With your help, we are dedicated to defending these lands for future generations.

Threatened by logging
Lands in Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument are at risk due to proposed management changes.
Only 12.5% of forest lands
The number protected from road building, logging and development in Oregon.
200+ bird species
The amount that depend on forests in and around Cascade-Siskiyou.

Get involved

Oregon's wild forests and other public lands face threats like reckless logging and road-building. Sign up for our WildAlerts for opportunities to take action.