Mason Cummings, TWS

Heart of the Great Basin

Nevada embodies the American West, from Native American historic and cultural sites, ancient petroglyphs and sagebrush valleys to the snowy mountain peaks that give the state its name. Nevada offers endless outdoor recreation opportunities, including backcountry skiing, horseback riding, hiking and desert camping.

Nevada is at the forefront of responsible renewable energy development, seeking to meet energy needs while protecting the natural beauty of its public lands and the wildlife that depend on them. Unfortunately, threats remain to Nevada’s millions of acres of public lands. Gold Butte National Monument and the Desert National Wildlife Refuge are both under political pressure to eliminate protections that safeguard them. Join us in our campaigns to protect these treasured places.

Species found nowhere else
Nevada is home to 309 species found nowhere else in the world.
Rich in dinosaur discoveries
New fossils are found in threatened areas of Nevada every year.
Highest number of species at risk
Nevada is 3rd among all states in having the highest number of species at risk.
A leader in renewable energy
Nevada is rich in sun, wind and geothermal energy and makes good use of it.
Major issues in Nevada

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