Mojave Trails National Monument

Mason Cummings, TWS.

Defend the California Desert

As one of 27 national monuments under an unprecedented review by the Trump administration, California’s Mojave Trails National Monument and other public lands in the region are threatened by harmful mining and groundwater drilling and pumping industries. Please sign below to show your Congress leaders you support the preservation of this desert landscape and to safeguard a critical wildlife migration corridor!


Why this place matters

Mojave Trails National Monument protects a stunning array of desert plant life and wildlife habitat across 1.6 million acres in southern California and represents the key last piece in a corridor of fully protected lands between Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve.

The threat

Mojave Trails National Monument is one of 27 national monuments the Trump administration placed under an unprecedented review in the spring of 2017. While Mojave Trails was legitimately designated by President Barack Obama under the authority of the Antiquities Act, Trump’s team has been working to remove protections to appease extractive industries seeking to increase their operations and profits at the expense of irreplaceable historic and natural resources.

The decision to protect Mojave Trails National Monument was the result of years of robust public input from a range of local and regional stakeholders.