Miles Morgan

Land of amazing contrast

California is graced with a spectacular array of wild places. From the glorious coastline to the awe-inspiring Yosemite National Park, from vast desert landscapes to snowy volcano peaks, wilderness is never far away. Giant sequoias, coastal redwoods and bristlecone pines—respectively the largest, tallest and oldest living things on earth—stand as majestic ties to ancient wilderness, while California condor, salmon and bighorn sheep populations confront dwindling habitat, and remind us how resilient our natural world is.

Despite significant conservation achievements, many of California’s public lands are now threatened from rollbacks of protections for national monuments, forests and other conservation lands. Further, flawed management is putting the values of the California desert, coast and Sierra Nevada at risk.

Meanwhile, people in heavy population centers have less chance to know, enjoy and advocate for nature because of its difficulty to reach for urban areas.

Our work helps to address all of these issues. With your help we can preserve the natural beauty of California and make it accessible for all people.

22 million acres of protected lands
From Yosemite National Park to San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, California is rich in protected public lands.
The third longest coastline
California's coastline stretches some 840 miles, making it the third longest in the nation.
More plant and animal species
California is home to more species than any other U.S. state.
Major issues in California

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Our local partners

We work with local conservation and community organizations in California to ensure our efforts are informed by local perspectives and the best regional expertise. Some of our partners include: