Conservation: Northwest California Mountains and Rivers

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Conservation: Northwest California Mountains and Rivers
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Jason Smith

Protecting northwest California's mountains and rivers

Northwest California’s mountains and rivers range from Humboldt County’s redwoods to Mendocino’s grasslands and woodlands. They feature wild rivers alongside mountain peaks and are one of America’s most biologically diverse areas.
Its attractions include ancient redwood groves, wild salmon and steelhead, and outstanding recreational opportunities for hikers, river runners, anglers, equestrians and cyclists.

We seek to protect these important wild lands and rivers while also restoring forests and reducing the risk of wildfires to communities.

Why this place matters

Northwest California has thousands of miles of remarkable rivers and streams that host salmon, while surrounded by lands that provide habitat for black bears, mountain lions and river otters as well as hundreds of bird species.

Coast redwood in northwest California
is the world’s tallest tree and can measure over 380 feet tall.
Seven distinct species of native salmon and steelhead
Native fish range free in northwest California rivers.
More than 370 miles
of wild and scenic rivers.

The threat

Northwest California’s mountains and rivers have outstanding protected areas. However, many places are still in need of protection.

Decades of poor logging practices and overly aggressive fire suppression have resulted in forests that are prone to unusually intense wildfires. These fires threaten communities and natural resources. This area is also notorious for illegal trespass marijuana farms on public lands that have negative effects on animals and water quality.
To address these issues, Rep. Jared Huffman has introduced the Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation and Working Forests Act. His proposal would designate 262,000 acres of wilderness—America's highest standard of public lands protection—and designate more than 370 miles of the region's crystal-clear waterways as wild and scenic rivers. 

The bill creates a 730,000-acre Restoration Area to protect and restore forests and water quality while reducing fire risks. It also establishes a partnership of federal, state and local entities to coordinate restoration of public lands damaged by illegal trespass marijuana grows. Finally, the proposal has a number of trail studies and designations to improve recreation opportunities and the outdoor economy.

What we're doing

  1. Advocating for new legislation

    Working to advance Rep. Huffman’s Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation and Working Forests Act.

  2. Educating the public

    Teaching people the values of Northwest California’s mountains and rivers and the need to protect them.

  3. Asking for new protections

    Advocating for administrative protections for lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

What you can do
Tell your lawmakers to support northern California’s mountains and rivers. Sign up for WildAlert emails to make your voice heard.