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Trump’s anti-conservation record is worst in US history

U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington, DC

U.S. Capitol Dome in Washington, DC

Mason Cummings (TWS)

The worst in American history: The Trump environmental legacy

WASHINGTON, July 8, 2019 ----- In light of President Trump’s anticipated comments about his environmental record, The Wilderness Society issued a statement today to put the President’s policies in context.

Statement from Jamie Williams, President of The Wilderness Society

“Trump is the worst President for the environment in our history. No amount of spin from this administration can hide its legacy of abuse, neglect and corruption that threatens our health and the health of our environment. Trump’s illegal land grab, which slashed Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah, was the biggest single rollback of land protections in American history. And that’s just one low point in an abysmal record of attacking the most cherished places in the country, from the Arctic Refuge in Alaska to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. 

“His agenda to drill and mine our most beloved public lands also has huge implications for the climate crisis,  with one-quarter of the greenhouse gases emitted from the U.S. resulting from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels from our publicly owned lands. As a nation, we should aggressively phase down fossil fuels from public lands and ramp up clean energy as part of our effort to make public lands part of a climate solution. Instead, Trump is deepening the climate crisis as he attacks the lands that people love.”



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