Communities at the heart of climate action


Explore the stories of people fighting for a better future

Our new series of stories “Communities at the Heart of Climate Action” showcases five amazing individuals who are going above and beyond to tackle the climate crisis in their communities.

They’ve experienced the impacts of climate change firsthand—smog, wildfires, warmer temperatures, drought—and watched how it’s impacted the people and places around them. They decided to take matters into their own hands to improve the quality of life of their communities in Las Vegas, Nevada; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Kern County, California; and Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado.

These very personal stories told through words, photos, audio and maps show that community activism works, and is essential to make the Earth a more livable place for all of us.

This project was done in collaboration with Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, HECHO, Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks and Defiende Nuestra Tierra.