Program Support

Contribute to one of our programs that reflects your organization’s values.

Since 1935, The Wilderness Society has worked tirelessly to protect our public lands and waters, and to ensure the sound management of our natural heritage. Philanthropic support for our programs is directed to conservation projects, education and outreach, and scientific research that support land and water protection and stewardship. We welcome new organizations and communities into our vision and hope to nurture the connections and conversations that create healthy public lands for all.

Our program areas are:

Land and Water

Protecting our wild public lands and waters with an eye toward climate resiliency, and at a sufficiently large scale to maintain natural processes.

People Outdoors

Ensuring that all people can access and share in the benefits of the outdoors, no matter their background or place of residence.

Energy and Climate

Making public lands part of the climate solution, promoting responsible renewable energy and guiding energy development to the right places.

Program engagement and contributions can support our work on these issues at the national level, or on-the-ground projects in key states for public lands conservation.

For more information on Program Support opportunities, please inquire directly with Lulu Gephart at