Applaud Good Actions

Mason Cummings, The Wilderness Society

Let your Congress members know when you support their decisions

Congress members need to know that voters approve of efforts to initiate positive environmental legislation. If they have recently introduced a positive bill, let them know you appreciate that bill and would like them to fight hard to get the bill passed.

Tips for saying thanks

  1. Make a phone call

    A phone call is one of the most impactful ways to show your members you approve when they support positive conservation bills. Hearing from constituents helps your members' know that they should keep fighting, not only for the current legislation, but future conservation bills.

  2. Retweet, like and comment

    Like many of us, Congress members keep a careful watch on social media interactions. Show the love for good legislation and policies by sharing your Congress members’ social media posts announcing postive actions they've taken on conservation issues.

  3. Send an email

    Letters applauding good actions help your members gauge constituent reactions and justify further engagement on the issue. Send your own handcrafted letter, or you can also sign up for our WildAlert emails to be notified of opportunities to thank members in your district.

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