We need climate action now, not later

Now or Never: We need climate action

Senators should pass a comprehensive climate package

We're seeing climate change impacts all around us. The last seven years were the hottest in recorded history and we are increasingly experiencing climate-related disasters like drought and wildfires.   

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for senators to pass comprehensive climate change legislation. Last November, the U.S. House voted in favor of a $2.2 trillion social policy and climate legislation known as the “Build Back Better Act.” The bill would have restored protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and invested in nature-based solutions to tackle the climate crisis.


The legislation passed the Senate Finance Committee, but negotiations fell apart before it reached the Senate floor. If it had been voted on, the bill would have benefited from budget reconciliation, a special parliamentary procedure that can expedite the passage of certain budgetary legislation.

A revamped climate package is now back on the table, including about $1 trillion in new tax revenue, part of which would invest in renewable energy and curb climate change. But with the upcoming midterm elections, the balance of power in Congress could soon change. That means the window of opportunity for the bill to pass via budget reconciliation is closing.

Senators should act now. We have no time to waste.

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