North Carolina

Mason Cummings, TWS

Ancient mountain treasures

With one of the few remaining great forests in the eastern United States, the wildlands of North Carolina are an escape for people in bustling nearby cities. Deep woodlands, clear creeks and age-old mountains harbor a marvelous display of songbirds, black bears, salamanders and bats. Iconic trails and breathtaking vistas provide a natural retreat for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, bird-watching and solitude.

Development threatens this expansive forested and mountainous wilderness that is as biologically rich as it is ancient. Growing populations, road building and other encroachments put pressure on these mountain treasures, fragmenting the landscape and erasing habitat for endangered plants and animals. But we have an opportunity to save this enduring eastern wilderness for our children with your help.

28 endangered plant species
These species need intact wildlands to thrive.
Forests at risk to development
1.1 million acres of national forests are threatened by inappropriate logging and other development.
Scenery around the Appalachian trail is at risk
320 miles of the trail run through the state. Areas around the trail are also at risk to development.
Major issues in North Carolina

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Our local partners

We work with local conservation and citizen groups in North Carolina to ensure our conservation efforts are united with local initiatives and the best regional expertise.