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"America the Beautiful" challenge grants set path for more inclusive conservation future

Undulating rocky formations in desert underneath cloudy skies

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Utah

Bob Wick, BLM, Flickr

$91 million awarded for 55 grants, with special Tribal focus

On Nov. 11, the Department of the Interior and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced almost $91 million in funding to recipients of America the Beautiful Challenge grants, supporting conservation projects on public and private land with a special emphasis on Tribal initiatives.  

In response to the announcement, The Wilderness Society President Jamie Williams said:

“The Wilderness Society applauds the announcement of funding from the America the Beautiful Challenge. The breadth and diversity of projects and awardees, and in particular the number of Tribally led conservation projects, sets the future of conservation on a more inclusive and holistic path. The nearly $91 million in deserving awards will support the urgent locally based work that needs to be done around the country—to save wildlife, restore natural systems and make our communities more climate resilient. The $900 million that remains to be funded highlights the critical need for increased investments to reduce nature loss and address the rapid ways climate change is impacting our lives.”


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