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A brazen attack on the environment, Trump's order puts public health at risk

Cherokee Generating Station, Colorado.

Cherokee Generating Station, CO

Mason Cummings, TWS

Order encourages federal agencies to abuse emergency authority, ignore environmental concerns and shut out public.

WASHINGTON ----- On June 4, President Trump issued an executive order that dramatically reduces environmental protections for infrastructure and other major projects.

Statement from Brad Brooks, Senior Director, Agency Policy and Planning, The Wilderness Society

"This order is a calculated, cynical end-run around environmental protections that encourages federal agencies to abuse emergency authority, shut out public participation and ignore environmental concerns. With this order, the Trump administration continues to use the cover of Covid-19 to attack environmental protections and put the public's health at risk. 

"The order is nothing more than a free pass to polluters and the fossil fuel industry. The administration should be focused on healing a suffering nation rather than gutting environmental protections."

Background on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The Bill of Rights for the environment is poised to be shredded by Trump administration.

The Wilderness Society, founded in 1935, is the leading conservation organization working to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. With more than one million members and supporters, The Wilderness Society has led the effort to permanently protect 111 million acres of wilderness and to ensure sound management of our shared national lands.   


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Phil Hanceford, Conservation Director, Agency Policy and Planning, 303 225-4636 cell 303 815-3158, [email protected] 

Brad Brooks, Senior Director, Agency Policy and Planning, 208-870-9043; [email protected]