Americans agree: Our national parks need our support

These days it seems that there isn't much that the American public can come to consensus on. But there is a notable exception: National parks.

An overwhelming majority of citizens across the political spectrum agree that these treasures are worthy of their time, money and even tax dollars, according to a recent poll by National Parks Conservation Association and the National Park Hospitality Association.

Results of the poll suggest that these values are shared by most voters:

  • 81 percent report having visited a national park at some point, and 86 percent indicated a desire to visit a National Park in the future

  • 95 percent see protecting and supporting the national parks as an appropriate role for the federal government

  • 77 percent say it is important for the next president to ensure that parks are fully restored and relevant to this country for another hundred years

  • 36 percent were open to either volunteering in a national park or contributing money

Conservation and public lands issues may be one of very few that is not partisan. So no matter what side of the aisle your representatives are on, they should be echoing conservation values. 

If you want to know more about your elected officials, you can track their votes by email and see how they rank on various conservation legislation in the League of Conservation Voters' scorecard. Perhaps one of them has even proposed one of 2011's most noteworthy acts in the house or senate