Digital Content Producer
New York

Benj Wadsworth

Nick creates digital content to support landscape protection across the U.S.

Nick Kohomban came to The Wilderness Society from Waterkeeper Alliance, where they amplified the voices of grassroots environmental activists in the United States and abroad through digital media and communication products. They previously worked for The New York Foundling as Brand and Marketing Coordinator as well as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council Member. Before breaking up with the corporate world for cause-based work, Nick worked in operations for the Tribeca Film Festival and Hamptons International Film Festival.

A native of New York’s rural Hudson Valley, Nick grew up with nature and is passionate about protecting what open spaces remain in the United States. Nick received a BA from Vassar College and currently resides in Brooklyn. Outside of the office, they can usually be found performing with punk bands around the Northeast, searching for birds in Prospect Park or hiking in the Shawangunk Mountains.