Idaho High Divide Senior Specialist
Idaho headquarters

251 East Front Street, Suite 102
Boise, ID 83702

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Louise is the Idaho High Divide Senior Specialist, based in Salmon, Idaho

She works in the communities of central Idaho building support for Idaho‚Äôs wild places that connect the Greater Yellowstone to the Crown of the Continent.  She has worked at the 45 Parallel protecting wild places for three decades.  First in Yellowstone National Park, then in Gardiner, MT for the Bear Creek Council. Moving westward along the 45th to Dillon, MT she worked for the Sierra Club, the Centennial Valley Association and the Montana Land Reliance.  She has served on the boards of the Montana Wilderness Association and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.  She is a Chef and Master Gardener, and an alum of the University of Montana.  She and her husband Jim, along with their horses and dogs, enjoy exploring the mountains, hunting, fishing, and improving their kayaking skills.