Mojave Desert Landscape Director

Mason Cummings, TWS

Connect with Jose

Jose joined The Wilderness Society in November 2022 as the Mojave Desert Landscape Director.

Growing up exploring the peaks and canyons of southern Nevada, Jose has deep ties to the Mojave Desert and its flora and fauna. He has ten years of experience in conservation work in various forms, including recruiting volunteers in stewardship projects and leading campaigns for public lands protection. As Southern Nevada Director of Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Jose worked with the various stakeholders to provide support for the proclamation of Gold Butte National Monument and helped build a national coalition to protect the Desert National Wildlife Refuge from military expansion. Most recently, Jose was the Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Conservancy, leading a team of environmental educators to promote a deep understanding of Nevada’s natural landscapes.

Jose currently serves on the board of Friends of Nevada Wilderness and President of the Nevada Wildlife Federation. In his free time, Jose enjoys long backpacking trips with his wife and dog as well as mountaineering and alpine adventures.