Too Wild to Drill

Some places are just Too Wild to Drill

TWTDOur last remaining wild places are threatened by pressures from oil, gas and mineral extraction on public lands. Oil and gas drilling scar the landscape, disrupt wildlife and release dangerous chemicals into the environment. Dust and toxic chemicals from mining pollute our air and water.

Though the threats from drilling and mining are gravely concerning, we can succeed in our fight to protect exceptional wild places.

Why this issue matters

Energy companies already have massive control of public lands and more leases than they can use. Of the 27 million acres currently under lease to oil and gas companies, more than half are sitting idle. Why give them more? There ought to be a few places deemed Too Wild To Drill.

Bureau of Land Management-managed public lands already open to oil and gas leasing.
20 years
Years of reserve that the coal industry has under lease.
Emissions from oil and gas development on public lands are equivalent to 20% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

What we're doing

  1. Fighting industry proposals

    We fight industry proposals to destroy some of the best wild places in America for short-lived commercial gains.

  2. Increasing visibility of these issues

    We rally supporters and increase media visibility and awareness by highlighting these iconic landscapes threatened by drilling and mining and telling stories of the people fighting to protect them.

  3. Demonstrating public support

    We beat back the administration’s push to hand our public lands over to the fossil fuel industry by demonstrating broad public support for protecting wild landscapes.