Regional Communications Manager for the Pacific Northwest
California/Nevada headquarters

One Kaiser Plaza Suite 1450
Oakland, CA 94612

Kerry Leslie

Mason Cummings, TWS

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Kerry Leslie is the Regional Communications Manager for the Pacific Northwest, driving communications on campaigns in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

She has over a decade of experience as a communication strategist, researcher, and direct service provider for a wide range of environmental and social change nonprofits, philanthropies, and in education settings. Her passion for people and place has developed over a lifetime, and she is a committed believer in the power of empathy, authentic stories, sensitively crafted messaging, and passing the mic.

Justice and equity are central to Kerry’s work, and her success as a communicator comes from her emphasis on working with and amplifying the voices of disenfranchised communities. Previously, Kerry was a communication and digital strategist at Spitfire Strategies, led environmental education for youth in Oregon and Northern California, and provided childhood development support to Spanish-speaking families in Oregon. Her research has focused on Latino relationships with mainstream environmental movements, the psychological effects of climate change, and the connection between environmental toxicants and developmental disorders. Kerry holds a B.A. in Psychology from Willamette University and a M.A. in Social Sciences, Environment and Community from Humboldt State University.

Kerry is a proud native New Mexican, born and raised in Las Cruces at the base of the Organ and Robledo Mountains on a small sheep farm. A piece of her heart will always be with the green chile and the cholla. Kerry has made new homes throughout Oregon and California and is currently settled in the Bay Area town of El Cerrito on Chochenyo Ohlone land.



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