Community-based Initiatives Specialist
Washington Headquarters

2003 Western Avenue 
Suite 660
Seattle, WA 98121

Elena Arakaki

Mason Cummings, TWS

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Elena Arakaki is the Community-based Initiatives Specialist at TWS.

In her role as the Urban to Wild Coordinator, Elena Arakaki merges her commitments to social equity, environmental sustainability, and urban livability. Before becoming Coordinator, Elena worked as the Urban to Wild Intern for eight months, supporting the program’s efforts to increase access to green space in the Puget Sound region.

She was born and raised in the Seattle area and has had the privilege of experiencing many of the natural assets that Washington has to offer. In her work at TWS and beyond, she will continue to engage in meaningful, collaborative work so that all people can equitably benefit from the region’s natural places.

Elena earned a combined degree in Sociology-Environmental Studies at Whitman College. She enjoys exploring new parts of Seattle, spending time with her family on Bainbridge Island, and sipping chai lattes in cafes all across the city.