Geospatial Information Officer
Denver Office

1660 Wynkoop Street, Suite 850
Denver, CO 80202

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Mason Cummings, TWS

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Connor has recently joined the Wilderness Society as Geospatial Information Officer.

Connor Bailey has a Bachelor’s in Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master’s in GIS from the University of Denver. He worked for Rocky Mountain Wild and its previous organizations from 2002 till 2012 working on many aspects of GIS including capacity building with the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance, wildlife modeling, web mapping and an assortment of other projects. He left to work in the private sector for a number of years developing mobile and enterprise GIS solutions. He realized he preferred the conservation non-profit world and spent a year with the National Audubon Society, and has recently joined the Wilderness Society as our Enterprise GIS Manager. Connor is drawn to GIS and technology so that even if he’s cooped up in an office he at least gets to “see” the amazing places he works hard to protect. Connor lives in Denver with his wife Katie and two boys, Henry and Arlo.